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At Allstates Rubber and Tool Corp. our specialty is making custom rubber components in any size or shape. An ideal way to understand what we can do is to look at some of our past projects. These custom projects highlight the molding, extrusion, and fabrication processes we use to meet the engineering and design challenges presented to us.

Transportation Industry

The transportation industry relies on Allstates for many of their components because rubber is an ideal material to handle the tough conditions of agricultural equipment, trucks, trailers, and heavy equipment. Notable projects for the transportation industry include:


  • Gear shift boot: Requiring a tight fit and robust construction to prevent contaminants from infiltrating the gearbox in agricultural equipment, we manufactured this complex part with dimensional accuracy and uniform wall thickness. Our injection molding expertise enabled us to produce a part that was durable enough to withstand three-dimensional motion and the in-cab conditions.
  • Truck vent grommet: This custom insert-molded box truck vent grommet presented a challenge to our toolmakers to design and build a multi-plate mold to produce the required shape of the vent so that air could flow out of the truck without compromising aerodynamics. Through innovative molding, we produced this vent grommet with precision accuracy and consistent repeatability.

Crowd Control & The Music Industry

Our varied industrial connections have taken us from food processing to crowd suppression. Those projects included:

  • Sifter Balls: We used a combination of compression and injection molding processes to mold varying sizes balls used in the food processing and mining industries to keep screens that move product clean from debris that could clog them. These balls come in sizes from 7/8” up to 2” in diameter for a variety of uses on screen conveyors.
  • Non-lethal rubber shotgun bullets: In order to meet a critical set of manufacturing requirements, we tooled an inventive molding solution for accurate and consistent concentricity and tolerances. The resulting bullets were perfectly centered and provided smooth rotation, aerodynamic stability, and a tight seal with the casing.

These are just a few of the projects we have completed, with many continuing on a regular basis.

In addition to the highest quality products, Allstates has the quickest lead time of any custom rubber fabricator. In just two weeks we can produce anything a potential client may need by utilizing our outstanding custom molding, extruding, and fabricating capabilities. Our lean methods and an outstanding workforce enable us to work within time-critical production deadlines.

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