Allstates Rubber Launches New Website


Allstates Rubber & Tool has been growing and evolving our product lines for over 45 years.  In this effort, we are proud to announce the launch of our new website. The redesigned site has a new look and offers more interactive features and expanded information.


We still specialize in off-the-shelf and just-in-time molded and extruded products, but we also have a large variety of custom run items. This new website better highlights our innovative capabilities, modernizes our look, and upgrades our site to be fully responsive and more user friendly. You will find the same great products we have always provided but with a modern look and additional sources of information.

What types of sections will you find on our new website? We have expanded information on Allstates manufacturing capabilities and past projects as well as adding a section for downloadable resources. New section include:

Capabilities: Expanding on our capabilities gives you an in-depth look at our skills and abilities in all aspect of custom rubber production. Understanding the details we put into each area of our manufacturing process will help you realize the dedication and quality that we bring to each project.

Projects: We offer you a closer look at innovative projects we have been involved with and the solutions we have created. These projects highlight our capabilities such as custom injection molding and custom insert molding and explain the process we go through when overcoming a customer’s particular manufacturing challenge. Project highlights allow you to experience how we tackle a project from beginning to end.

Products: The online catalog is still available and continues to offer a full listing of all of our custom rubber molded and extruded parts with descriptions, schematics, and specifications that are easily accessible and informative.

We hope that you will enjoy the new website with its new look, new features, and easily accessible information. Although the look of our website has changed, our top-quality products and services remain as detailed and competitive as they always have been.

Check out the website, get to know the new Allstates Rubber, and feel free to contact us with any comments or questions.

ask us about 2 week lead times

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  1. David Linn

    The new site looks great! As a small business with small needs, it’s great to be treated with the same consideration as a larger customer.

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