Custom Molding

In today’s fast-paced production environment, it is vital to find a manufacturing partner with passion, dedication, and a strong track record of success. At Allstates Rubber & Tool Corp., our mission is to provide prompt and reliable delivery of custom molded products that surpass your expectations in terms of quality and value. Over the past 40 years, we have developed lean and efficient manufacturing processes for injection, transfer, compression, and insert molding for custom products that conform perfectly to your design requirements. We also run flashless molding technology, a material- and labor-saving process that creates products with exceptional geometric accuracy and finish consistency.

Allstates Rubber 206 edited-resizedServing as your single source for all of your custom molded product needs, we work with your engineering team to help you make intelligent choices on product design elements and elastomer selection. Our proficiency in rubber molding processes allows us to achieve very favorable costs for your custom parts. We also offer fast mold-less prototyping for you to evaluate your concepts without having to make a significant investment in tooling.

As a major supplier of molded rubber products, we carry a stock of over 2,000 different parts. If one of these is suitable for your application with some alteration, we can modify the part to fit your needs. We can modify I.D. and O.D. geometry, change groove dimensions, and have specialized tools to drill holes and split grommets. This fabricated customization is especially economical for low volume production, where it is impossible to recoup tooling expenditures.

In addition to custom molded products, we specialize in volume production of die-cut washers and gaskets. Our process for die-cutting washers from sheet materials allows us to achieve excellent working tolerances and smooth surfaces with no undesirable tool or knife marks. We have the production resources to manufacture gaskets in a wide range of sizes from all different types of material, including solid rubber and silicone, open or closed cell rubber or silicone sponge, as well as engineering materials like Viton®.

We offer competitive lead times. Our lean methods, combined with a motivated and educated workforce, allow us to make a measurable difference to your time-critical production deadlines. To learn more about our custom molding capabilities, check out our customization process or contact us directly.

Additional Information

Size Constraints

Min 3/16”
Max 40”

Order Minimums

Minimum of Standard parts- $45
Minimum for custom parts- $400
We will run and stock blanket order parts for Customers

Lead Times

4-10 Weeks (depending on the type of product)
We can expedite delivery on request for 2-4 weeks

Industry Standards

American Society for Testing and Materials
Food And Drug Administration
International Organization for Standardization
Military Specifications
Restriction Of Hazardous Substances (Compliant)
ISO 9001-2008

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