Our Customization Process

See how our customization process delivers precision parts, quick turnaround, at competitive costs to you.

The Allstates Fabrication and Prototype Division can save you the cost of new tooling, particularly on low volume runs. If one of Allstates’ thousands of standard parts would suit your application with some alteration, we can modify the part to your specification.

If the I.D. of a standard part must be made larger, our special tools will drill out holes in existing parts or in blocks cut from the slab or sheet.

Grinders are used to change the groove dimensions or the O.D. to make the standard parts fit your requirements. We produce low volume grommets and bushings from sheet goods or sleeve rubber instead of needing new tooling.

Our slitters fabricate weather stripping, sponge rubber with or without adhesive and solid rubber. Our cutting machines handle sheet and slab up to 3/4 inch thick.  Lathe cutting equipment manufactures washers and spacers from standard in-stock tubing.

Part marking is also available.  Piece marking or stamping is applied to items using hand stamps or other methods as you specify.

Allstates also does special packaging. We’ll bag your parts, or custom pack them to facilitate your automatic feed equipment.


By grinding, Allstates will reshape a piece of stock material to fit your specifications. This process eliminates the need for a mold and cuts the cost factor for low volume production. Numerous shapes are readily available. A rotating abrasive stone grinds the stock to the desired contour.


When drilling, Allstates uses a hollow bit which minimizes the amount of disfigurement to the part as the hole is bored. The hollow bit pulls the drilled portion up into the bit and it is then ejected like a rifle cartridge. This process allows continuous and rapid drilling since the scrap is automatically removed from the working area. We also have special tools which make it possible to counter-bore holes in material 60 durometer or harder.

Extrusion Fabrication

Allstates Fabrication will cut stocked extrusion to your required length, either manually or in a die-cut operation. Extrusions can also be slit, hole-punched and notched as you need.

Grommet Splitting

If your particular application calls for split grommets, you can order a standard part from our grommet catalog and our Fabrication Division will split the grommets through manual or kick press operation.  We offer three different types of splits:

  • Straight split: A simple split straight from the id to the od to facilitate wrapping the grommet around a cord or cable.
  • Diagonal Split: An angled split from id to od resulting in two overlapping flaps that will seal against one another when the grommet is installed.
  • Tangent Split: A straight cut from the top edge of the id through the od resulting in a flap which will lock the part in place when installed around a wire/cable.

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