We help make business easier for you by offering prompt delivery, large variety of products, knowledge and experience. We stock over 2500 different parts, and can offer JIT delivery for our customers. We offer Kan ban releases. We also offer fabrication capabilities for all of your prototype needs.


Washers are a volume specialty of the Allstates Fabrication & Prototypes Division. We make them in volume lots at a real cost savings to you. The greatest advantage of die-cut washers is the smooth surface of the finished parts. Cutting washers from sheet eliminates the tool and knife marks which are characteristic of other methods. Our precision washers have excellent working tolerances and solve the problem of cut marks.


Gasket applications demand a wide range of sizes and types of materials. In addition to custom fabrication, we die-cut gaskets in all of the following materials:

  • Rubber & Silicone Sponge ( Open & Closed Cell)
  • Solid Rubber & Silicone
  • Viton@ & Epichlorohydrin

See how our customization process delivers precision parts, quick turnaround, at competitive costs to you.

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