Custom Injection Mold of a Gear Shift Boot

With our reputation for being one of industry’s most reliable and responsive manufacturers of rubber products, we are a respected source for products that present difficult engineering challenges. A client in the heavy duty equipment industry contracted with Allstates Rubber & Tool Corporation for the production of the gear shift boot highlighted here.

project-gallery-gear-shift-bootDesigned for use in large agricultural equipment, tractors, cranes, and backhoes, it required robust construction and a tight fit to the base to prevent dust and other contaminants from infiltrating into the gearbox.

Manufacturing this rubber part was a complex task. Our tooling design had to meet precise dimensional accuracy as well as a uniform wall thickness. This part is subject to three-dimensional motion, and any inconsistency in the wall of the material would put the boot at risk for premature wear. Leveraging our injection molding expertise, we engineered a mold with a zero-drift anchoring configuration for the core pin. This ensured an even flow of material into the mold and consistently accurate results. Our tooling also minimized visible seams to provide a better appearance of the final product.

Measuring 5.437” in length x 4.375” in width x 2.00” in height, the boot is made in a Neoprene material, which provided the durability and flexibility to withstand the intensity of in-cab conditions. Rigorous testing ensured we satisfied the requirements for both dimensional accuracy and tear strength. Positive feedback from the client indicated that the boot moved smoothly along with the gear shift and had a professional quality appearance. We produced 300 units in an eight-week lead time.

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