Custom Rubber Fabrication

Since our founding in 1968, the Allstates Rubber & Tool custom fabrication services have gone above and beyond the basics to provide you with a low cost and flexible option for sourcing products that conform perfectly to your design requirements.

Allstates 11.12 015 edited-resizedAs a premier manufacturer of natural and synthetic rubber products, we have an extensive library of tooling for a wide assortment of standard shapes and profiles. For situations where one of our thousands of standard parts would suit your application with some alteration, we can apply our numerous in-house fabrication capabilities to modify the part to fit your needs.

Our Fabrication & Prototype department is staffed by technically skilled professionals with the ingenuity to save you the cost of new tooling, particularly on low volume orders. Using our grinding equipment, we can reshape a piece of stock material to fit your specifications, eliminating the need for an expensive mold. We can grind stock to alter I.D. or O.D. geometry, or make modifications to groove dimensions to transform a standard shape into one with a custom fit.

Using hollow drill bits, which retrieve the core and automatically eject it out of the working area, we create precision bores at a rapid and steady pace while maintaining the dimensional integrity of the workpiece. Our extensive tooling includes specialty drills that make it possible to counterbore holes in material that is 60 durometer or harder. If your particular application calls for split grommets, you can order a standard part from our grommet catalog and we can create a straight, diagonal, or tangent split through either a manual or kick press operation.

We fabricate custom fit weatherstrip in sponge or solid rubber, with or without adhesive. Along with cutters that handle sheet and slab up to ¾” thick, we have precision lathe machinery that facilitates manufacturing of custom washers and spacers from standard in-stock tubing. For your convenience, we also offer marking options and customized packaging solutions.

In addition to impeccable quality and reduced turnaround time, our customization capabilities offer very attractive cost savings. If you are interested in learning more, please check out our customization process or contact us directly.

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