Injection Molded Rubber Shotgun Bullets for Non-lethal Crowd Suppression

With our know-how in injection molding, Allstates Rubber & Tool Corporation provides products and services to a diverse range of industries. This project involved manufacturing rubber bullets for a law enforcement application, which required us to meet a critical set of manufacturing requirements.


Non-lethal rubber bullets are sometimes used by law enforcement as a means to control crowds of rioters and demonstrators. We tooled a very inventive molding solution that ensured accurate and consistent concentricity and close tolerances in order for the product to exhibit the exceptional aerodynamics promoted by its unique design features.

In addition to a streamlined, 5/8” diameter ballistic tip, this part featured a 1” length body with four fins at the rear end pitched at specific angles to generate rotation and promote an extended flight range. Our tool shop did a remarkable job with keeping close tolerances on every feature.  Our injection molding methods allowed us to control temperature, pressure, and timing to ensure a high degree of repeatable precision when running these components.

The outstanding dimensional accuracy of these bullets served to smooth rotation, promote aerodynamics, and create a tight seal with the casing. In addition, the close O.D. tolerances ensured that the perfectly centered bullets would not foul the gun barrel. The client was very happy with the quality of our workmanship, and we continue to manufacture these parts today.

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