Injection Molded Horseshoe Grommet

At Allstates Rubber & Tool Corporation, our ability to deliver custom grommets with precise tolerances, tight seals, and low tooling costs allows us to build strong and productive partnerships with leading OEMs in many industries. We manufactured the custom horseshoe grommet highlighted here for a well-known manufacturer of climate control systems for heavy-duty vehicles. We helped create a practical solution to accommodate this specific panel and wiring configuration— and do so within a narrow timeline.


These horseshoe grommets are used to seal and insulate a wire bundle pulled into an electronic enclosure. Based on the configuration, we designed the part with an elongated body in order to keep the wires clear of the door hinges. To facilitate installation, we split the grommet on the flat, back side so it could be opened, wrapped around the pre-connected wires, and then easily slid into position.

Constructed from moisture and oil-resistant Nitrile, this horseshoe grommet featured dimensions of 1-1/2” in length x 1” in width. Primary operations involved injection molding, and our accomplished toolmakers built the mold in only 12 working days. We molded and then split a sample batch for first article inspection, which worked perfectly and showed dimensional accuracy of ±.003”.

After ramp up to full production, we delivered 10,000 parts within a six-week time period. The tight seal provides long term protection from the ingress of water, oil, dust or other contaminants into the enclosure.

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