Custom Injection Molded Brake Pedal or Clutch Pedal Covers

As a manufacturer of rubber products that are well respected for their quality, durability, and low tooling costs, at Allstates Rubber & Tool Corporation we perform a significant amount of custom work for the heavy equipment industry. The brake and clutch pads highlighted here represent the type of product we excel at molding and one you would find in progress at our facility on a regular basis.

Allstates 11.12004 edited-resizedOne of the challenges of molding this brake and clutch pad pair was creating enough of a lip on the bottom to secure the pad to the pedal. This overlap had to be wide enough to provide a tight, no-slip fit, but narrow enough to allow the workpiece to release from the mold without tearing. To form the bottom lip, we built tooling with an interconnecting mating plate that together formed a sharp undercut and center hollow with the exact geometry of the steel pedal on the tractor. Our perfectly matched set of mating plates also featured a complex slotted design to create a high-quality appearance for the traction ribs on the wear surface. Molded with exceptionally close dimensional tolerances, we used an air-injection assist to successfully remove all workpieces from the mold without any marring or damage.

Featuring Neoprene construction, chosen for its durability and resistance to aging, the brake pad measured 4.5” in length x 2.5” in width while the clutch pad measured 3” square. After First Article Inspection, we forwarded the samples to the client for further verification of their fit. We continue to produce these items in a quantity of about 1,000 units annually. The flexibility of this design also allows us to custom engrave the pads with logos or other graphics based on customer needs.

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