Tools & Accessories

Medium Duty Lifters

Allstates has several sizes of suction cup tools to choose from. We offer long handled lifters for hands-free work environments. These come in three different cup diameters and varying lengths. We also have simple palm lifters that allow gripping and moving of plates. All of these have air release valves to disengage the suction.

Heavy Duty Lifters

Allstates also carries of line of heavier duty lifting tools, again in various sizes and configurations. We have a single 4″ or 5″ cup tool with an aluminum handle and air release trigger. These are great for medium to heavy lifting and moving panels without handles (plate glass or light steel plates). For more weighty applications we have a double cup variety of the same tools. These are most commonly used for access floor panels. We also carry a Carpet Lifter with extending steel teeth to grip carpeted access panels.

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